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Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta

The reason I wanted to write this blog entry is because I wanted to talk about how awesome Atlanta is. And what I wanted to focus on was how unapologetically hood Atlanta can be. With this particular focus, I wanted to talk about the local hip hop radio station here in Atlanta. I’ll start with the advertisements from this radio station.

First one is for a company called Tax City. What Tax City offers is getting you a tax refund, even if you didn’t work. I have no idea how that works, but Tax City can get you that scrilla. The best part about the Tax City ad is it’s jingle. Yes, say Tax City in your head, and what hip-hop song pops into your head? That’s what goes down in that jingle. Tax City, bitch. Tax tax city, bitch.These are accountants that have their CPA.’s, which is very difficult to get, and after somehow completing their CPA tests, they have to tell their families that they work for Tax City, bitch. Perfect! Next is an ad for a company called 411 Pain, which is a law firm that seems to specialize in suing people because they got into a car accident. Not because of catastrophic injuries and stuff like that, but because you may have got a dent in your car. Basically, they are catering towards the people that are trying to get their come up because they got into a fender bender. Once again, the highlight of these ads are their jingles. The latest one is fantastic. Imagine Khia’s ‘My Neck, my back’, who’s original lyrics were of course “My neck, my back, lick my pussy and my crack!” Possibly the most romantic song of all time. I think it was on The Notebook soundtrack. Ok, now imagine somehow transforming that song into a song about a law firm that specializes in frivolous lawsuits from minor car accidents. “My neck, my back, my windshield just got cracked!” That happened! There was an ad agency that came up with that commercial for a law firm. How much education went in to having an entire firm of lawyers, and they are being represented by “My neck, my back, my windshield just got cracked!”. Once again, perfect.

The reason I love Atlanta is not because it is easy to make fun of, but because it’s never afraid to be itself. You can ridicule it all you want, but it’s never going to change. We should all thrive to be more like the city of Atlanta. There’s more hilarious stuff I could write about just from the local hip hop station, but I’ll save that for another blog post.



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