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Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta Part 2

I’d like to make this a regular thing discussing other funny things that have happened throughout Atlanta, but right now I’m just stuck on the hoodness of the local hip hop station. I’ll just enter this how I heard it. The context of this conversation was someone had called in to the radio station and won a contest. I’ll start the conversation right where I tuned in to the radio station so it will have the same effect on you that it had on me. At first, I felt kinda sad for the person, but then I realized that she was just ridiculous. Here it is almost verbatim to how I heard it:

Caller: “Oh my goo’ness! I won! I can’t believe I won!”

DJ: “Yeah, girl! You won! How are you feeling?”

Caller: “I can’t believe I won. I’ve had such a hard week. We’ve been really struggling with money lately. My kids and I were just evicted from our apartment on Monday. We had to move back in with my grandma. Winning something like this just turned my whole week around!”

DJ: “I’m sorry to hear about the eviction, but I’m glad you were caller number 9!”

Caller: “Oh yeah! I can’t believe it!”

DJ: “Alright girl, since you were caller 9, you won that dinner for 2 at The Cheesecake Factory! What’s the radio station that hooks you up?!”

Caller: “Streets 94.5!! Wooooooo!!!!”

Yes, that was real life. Winning a dinner for 2 at The Cheesecake Factory was a life-changing moment for an actual human being. I wanted to use this post to write about some other contest they’re running on that station where if 2Chainz interrupts a song and tells you to call in, the first person to call in wins $94. It’s a decent contest, but the way they advertise it is by saying, “Win $94 so you can ball outta control!!” If you can ball out of control with $94, I’m assuming you’re the same kind of person that would go wild over winning a dinner for 2 at the Cheesecake Factory after being evicted from your home. Thank you for staying so hood, Atlanta!

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