Oh mother, tell your children. Not to do what I have done!

A friend told me that today’s daily prompt was to blog about something I’ve done that I’d never advise anyone else to do, and that itself inspired to create this blog. I was going to write about how one should never Nair their own anus, but I decided to tackle a more serious topic. College kids, just because you have your whole life ahead of you doesn’t mean you should live your life like you have your whole life ahead of you. Stop listening to people that tell you to take time off from school to ‘find yourself’. You won’t find anything.

Guess what, there’s not much more of yourself to discover. The only thing you’ll discover is that you think that you won’t need school. I’ve done this. I took a semester off and got myself a job in the real world, and it was a pretty good job. I worked for IBM and I thought since I got my foot in the door with the company that I’d just be rapidly promoted until I became the CEO by the time I was 35. That did not happen. I was working the same job for 4 years making the same money and no other opportunities within the company were ever offered to me. That’s when I looked at my coworkers that were doing the same job as me, but they had children that were my age. I thought I was so young that I’d be able to keep pushing forward, but these guys started at the same age as I did and decided to run with it as a career. That’s when I decided to quit my job and try to get back into school.

After taking those four years off from college, it was very difficult to get back into college. They needed high school transcripts and reasons why I took so much time off and I had to take all kinds of aptitude tests to see where I would fit in. Since I was no longer in the groove of being in school, it was a sudden shock to be back in. Getting back into the way school works and how even when you get out of class you still have work to do was a very difficult thing for me to get re-accustomed to. I’ve decided to procrastinate as long as I can to get back into school which led to me being a huge procrastinator in school. Just like everyone told me, I thought I had plenty of time to finish school, so instead of pushing myself and getting it done as quickly as possible, I decided to take only a few classes per semester and was just stuck in school for way longer than I wanted to be.

What this led to was being being stuck in a rut of perpetual school. By this time, all of my friends had graduated from college and had real jobs, and I was stuck being a student. My friends didn’t take the advice of finding themselves and by the time they were 25 they had real jobs and could do whatever they wanted to do. They were the ones that really had their whole lives ahead of them. They were still young, but were able to support a lifestyle of true self discovery. They could afford to go on vacations around the world and enjoy their 20’s, but I was stuck in the library because I wanted to enjoy my late teens/early 20s.

So my advice to you guys is this; don’t procrastinate with your own life. College is a lot of fun, but the academics of it are the big turn off. Treat the academics like the vegetables on your plate that your mother forced you to eat when you were a kid. You would eat all the vegetables first so you could just enjoy the rest of your meal without having to worry about eating the vegetables at the end. Knock out college as quickly as you can and then you will truly be able to enjoy the rest of your life. Also, never Nair your anus.Image



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